The Sands Fridge Lines fleet includes 33 prime movers rated from single trailer operation, B-double and up to triple road trains, 130 refrigerated trailers and 35 16-pallet rigid refrigerated Pantech trailers and B-Doubles that deliver in and around the metro areas.

Our country fleet consists of Western Star, Kenworth, and Mack prime movers rated for double and triple road trains for regional deliveries.

The metropolitan fleet generally uses the fleet of rigids and when required semi-trailers for deliveries.

Cortex GPS Tracking

All Sands vehicles are fitted with Coretex GPS tracking, allowing us to manage driver fatigue with onboard sensors and cameras. We also benefit from advanced geofencing, configurable workflows, and integration with our other operational platforms that combine to create safer, greener and more compliant fleet operations.

Our refrigerated trailer temperatures are monitored via Cooltrax, giving us 24/7 control over our fleet to ensure that our goods are transported and stored at safe and compliant temperatures.

We take pride in the immaculate maintenance of our vehicles, thanks to a fully equipped modern workshop, with mechanics on duty from 6am to 10pm every day of the week. This gives us greater use of our fleet, a quick truck turnaround time for the next trip, and the best quality vehicles on the road.


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